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Watch our Virtual Program with this pass. Enjoy! {"blocks": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}, "streams": {"max_on_demand_replays": -1, "max_on_demand_items": -1, "max_items": -1, "max_replays": -1}} {"blocks": ["*"], "streams": ["*"]}
Wanna Laugh your Socks off? These Women are funny! Grab a drink, Grab a Snack, sit back, and laugh those socks off! Have FUN!!
Pilot episodes of future Web Series! This is just the beginning!
Friday Screenings - for Evening Block 8pm
Anger Podcast - The Full Season
We have so many Fabulous Audio Fiction Podcasts! This is part Two of our Collection this year! Please grab a drink, a snack, some friends, and have a LISTEN!!
Want to be sitting on the edge of your seat? These Thrillers will make you do it!
Check out our collection of International Student Films!
Walking Shadows Vol 1, Shakespeare By Half Light, Hamlet and Ophelia...
As it says in the Title, "It's All In The Dramedy"! Grab a snack, a drink, some friends and watch all the Drama and the Comedy!
From local to International - Enjoy our Variety of Short Films!
Have a listen to these amazing Audio Adventures!!
Into Science Fiction or Fantasy? We've got a great collection here! Grab a drink, a snack, and find yourselves in other worlds! Enjoy!
Girl Dad, Weirdos, Detention Adventure - Season 3, Doctor Faustus, Mortal Glitch, Enchufe.TV
Secrets - The Full Season
Enjoy our collection of Podcasts!
Check out these Fantastic Dramatic Web Series! They'll keep you sitting up on those seats! Oh, the Drama!!
Check out our collection of Comedy Short Films! Grab a drink, a snack, settle in and ENJOY!!
Audio Fictions to be played Friday Morning
Check these out! Here's a collection of Reality Shows, Talk Shows and Experimental Shows!! You'll be sitting up in your seats for these!! And you'll really be Talking after these projects!!
The Uber Ride, Short of Breath, South Bridge Podcast, Muckey Landing...
Zero Method, Happy Transmissions, Kith and Kin, Paradise Lost, Mars Mission..
Do you believe in Science Fiction? The very best in Sci-Fi will make you a Believer!
The Stu Sessions...
Got some snacks and a drink ready? Sit back and enjoy our Feature Film!
Violent True Believer, Persistence, The Plan...
Check out the very best in Digital Comedy!!
Human Telegraphs, It's Daisy May, Fornicakes, One Room Renovations, Scratch This The Series, Critically Ashamed
Want to talk about it? Want to learn or be entertained? We have it all here under Talk Shows and Reality Shows.
Check out our collection of Pilot Episodes! Grab a snack, drink, Settle In and ENJOY!!
Check out this wonderful collection of Audio Fiction Podcasts and Actual Plays!! Grab a drink, a snack, a friend, and a LISTEN!!!
You want DRAMA? We'll give you DRAMA!!
Friday Screenings for the 6pm block
Come to Hotel Indigo and Check out this collection of Filipino Short Films and Pilot by Award-Winning Filipino-American Filmmaker Francis Manuel Abbey! There will be a Panel with his cast and crew - hosted by Filipino Actor / Host Al Sotto (who is also in the cast!). Great Opening night at BNM Webfest 2023!!
Sideliners, Frapuccino Webserie - Season 2, Thrilled To Announce...
Arthur - Season 2, Billie & Rose, Roommate: A Web Series...
Sui Generis / Season 3, Walkie Talkie, Dating Unlocked, Skeleton Crew...
Turf Valley, Booked - Episodes 1-3, Maclochlan & Leaf, Avocado Toast the Series - Season 2, , King and Pawn...
Audio Fiction Podcasts 1 - Enjoy our Fantastic Collection of Audio Fiction Podcasts! Grab a snack, a drink, relax and LISTEN!!
Check out our Fantastic Collection of Music Videos!! Dance, Dance, Dance! " I want my "M TV"!
Friday Screenings - Thrillers we are screening in Block 3
Check out our collection of Comedy Web Series! Grab a drink, a snack, settle in and ENJOY!!
Our Selections of Animation and Puppetry projects.
Digital Affairs, Tape, (Mis)placed, Discontent Season 1...
Let's get the party started!! Enjoy these Music Videos! I Want My MTV!
Tutopique #Company, Tutopique #Spleen, Legal Fox TV, The Tall Bike Joust, Canfield Roots Doc,Tilt Pinball...
& The Bathroom, Lost and Found Cowboy - Season 2, ReCancelled, Adversity, The Waiting Room
No matter what language you speak - these shows will still make you Laugh Out LOUD!
Check out these Script Reads of our Competing Short Screen Plays and Pilots!
Check out our collection of Animation and VR Projects! Grab a drink, a snack, settle in and ENJOY!!
Host Jessica Rae Taylor talks with Filmmaker/ Screenwriter Lisa Russell and Executive Producer Marc Henry Johnson Lisa Russell, MPH is an Emmy-winning filmmaker, Nicholl Fellowship QF Screenwriter, UN/NGO Artist Curator, 2x TEDx Speaker, Fulbright Specialist and Founder of Create2030 whose work lies at the intersection of arts, social justice and global development. For more on Lisa, please visit her website here: Marc Henry Johnson is a Peabody and Sundance Jury award-winning producer and has executive produced or produced films with Michael Moore, Spike Lee, Amiri Baraka, Mario Van Peebles, Danny Glover, David Simon, and George Pelecanos.
The Beautiful Youtuber - Singer/ Songwriter Ada Pasternak will perform for us!! Russian American Singer/Songwriter & Award winning Violinist. Ada has the Music Video, “Feeling Good” as a Selection in our festival!
More Adventures on Friday Night! Oh, the Horror!! Hide your Eyes!! The Hand that Feeds Fire The Man with the Midas Touch Scratched Demon Doctor ENJOY!!
In Person Screening of: Trump's Children, The Tall Bike Joust, Minimally Invasive Procedure..
Watch these two consuming projects! Friend Draft - a comedy about a couple fighting over friends... The Grounders - A group of misfits in a government agency who handle monsters their own way. The Grounders blends 50's to Present Horror, Action, Comedy and it turns it all upside down. ENJOY!!
Welcome to Friday Morning Audio Adventures!! Come enjoy the adventures, and a morning cup of Joe! Our podcasters will talk about their Audio Fictions right after the Screening - or rather - right after the "Listening"!! Enjoy!! The Valkyrie Cycle Forever and a Day Party of One The Slightly Sleazy Speakeasy The Rapscallion Agency
BNM WEBFEST 2023 Special Presentation: Rosemary Street Eps 1 & 2 will be screened during the Baltimore Next Media Webfest! Come check it out at 3pm with a panel discussion right after! This event will be hosted by Al Sotto and Lauren Francesca! Panelists will include cast & crew of Rosemary Street Series, including Johnny Alonso, Elena Moscatt, Parijita Bastola, Marlena Neal, Laura Dowling Shea and more!! And join us for the After Party / Closing Party of the festival at 4pm at "Last Call" which is in the Mount Vernon Market Place on Park Avenue! (2 blocks from Hotel Indigo - Baltimore). This is going to be fun! Tickets: $8 You can buy tickets online or in person at the door. The event takes place on the 9th floor of Hotel Indigo.
In this block we screen the following projects: Absolved Violent True Believer Kith and Kin The filmmakers will speak after this screening block.
Please enjoy this Extraordinary Film!! Loren & Rose by Russell Brown Filmmaker Russell Brown’s body of work includes five narrative features, two full-length documentaries and a number of well-regarded narrative and documentary shorts. His feature films have opened theatrically in select cities to stellar reviews after playing collectively at more than 150 festivals around the world, winning awards nationally and internationally in a vast array of categories including directing, writing, acting and editing. His diverse resume includes Search Engines, Annie and the Gypsy, Karen Black: On Acting, The Blue Tooth Virgin, Conversation with a Cigarette, Mama Laura’s Boys, The 44 Scarves of Liza Minnelli, Above the Arroyo: A Dream of the Stairs of Los Angeles, Reality USA, and The Kaleidoscope Guy at the Market. He is known in particular for directing actresses to critically lauded and award-winning performances, and has worked with Karen Black, Jacqueline Bisset, Cybill Shepherd, Joely Fisher, Amber Benson, Connie Stevens, Gia Carides, Natasha Gregson Wagner, and Daphne Zuniga. Plot of Loren & Rose: The appetizer is an introduction, the dessert is a farewell in this story of an indelible bond forged between a promising young filmmaker and an iconic actress.
In this block we screen the following projects: Kinsley VS A Live Script Read of "Dolores" The filmmakers will speak after this screening block.
Come to Hotel Indigo and Check out this collection of Filipino Short Films and Pilot by Award-Winning Filipino-American Filmmaker Francis Manuel Abbey! There will be a Panel with his cast and crew - hosted by Filipino Actor / Host Al Sotto (who is also in the cast!). Great Opening night at BNM Webfest 2023!!
Wasted On The Young, Skeleton Crew
Check out this collection of everything! Some Drama, some Comedy and even some Reality!! IMPOSTER Cardboard Titanics: Smart People Being Stupid 2 FYE (Music Video) Summer Eclipse Insignificant Absolved Hurt, the Series ENJOY!!
Welcome to Friday Morning Audio Adventures!! Come enjoy the adventures, and a morning cup of Joe! Our podcasters will talk about their Audio Fictions right after the Screening - or rather - right after the "Listening"!! Enjoy!! Liars and Leeches Better Men Elsewhere A Very Muckey Christmas Parade Dice Town Theatre Somebody Killed Mom
In Person Screening of: MUAK ECO FIGHT Muckey Landing Minimally Invasive Procedure
In Person Screening of: Booked, Girl Dad and Turf Valley...
We will have our Marketing & Branding Panel and Pitchfest here at Hotel Indigo. VIP Guest Speakers will include: Sabrina Parra of The Scriptster: Sabrina Parra is the founder of The Scriptster. She has helped hundreds of writers on their quest to craft the perfect screenplay. Sabrina is a professional script consultant with over five years of experience as a film development executive. She honed her skills as the former Vice President of Di Novi Pictures, a production company that has grossed over $1 billion worldwide and brought you films including Little Women, Crazy Stupid Love and A Walk to Remember. She most recently was on the producing team for Apple+/A24 film The Sky is Everywhere. By working closely with studios like Amazon, Apple, A24, and Netflix, Sabrina has spent her career developing projects from inception and guiding writers through the studio process. Her experience provides invaluable insight into what financiers are looking for when they read your screenplay. She values creative integrity and imagination of story above all. She believes there is nothing stronger than a film or series that allow its viewer to catapult themselves into the perspective of another. Merritt Dworkin of Magnet Market Group. Originated from concept to reality a shop local, farm-fresh farmers’ market which has grown from 13 vendors to current 50+ vendors selling fruits, vegetables, flowers and other homemade item every Saturday on Broadway Square in Fells Point. Currently Merritt has created 4 Farmer's Markets. She's the Queen of Marketing! Jacob Latour of Clear Skies Meadery: Clear Skies Meadery, a destination meadery for all mead lovers in the Washington DC area. We offer a wide selection of handcarafted meads aged to perfection. Whether you are a mead enthusiast or a curious newcomer, we invite you to come experience the cozy ambiance of our brewery. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through our range of dry, semisweet and sweet meads and help you discover a new favorite drink. Jacob took multiple classes in food fermentation, brewing, and wine making at Juniata College. After college he worked in environmental consulting and research while also pursuing his passion for home-brewing. He naturally jumped on the opportunity to contact Manisha and Yancy when he heard that they were opening Clear Skies. Our VIP Guest Speakers will also judge our pitchfest!! You'll do the "Elevator Pitch" to our VIP Speakers - our judges will choose 1st and 2nd place. Cash prizes of $75 and $50, plus the chance to practice pitching!! Actress & Influencer Lauren Francesca will Host this!
Higher, Command - Ep 1
Check out these Fun Thrilling Thrillers on a Friday Afternoon! Thriller include: Illuminagents Night Voices Two Chairs #Vanlife (Emotional)
Our Opening Networking Party! As you check in to the Hotel Indigo - come see us in the Lobby/ Restaurant of Hotel Indigo! Let's all have a drink and toast to BNM Webfest 2023!!
Welcome to Awards night at the Bayside Cantina!! At 6pm our Party Bus will pick you up in the lobby of Hotel Indigo Baltimore! We'll arrive at Bayside Cantina by 6:30pm. The Bayside Cantina has a full menu and bar - so enjoy dinner during the sunset. Enjoy the views on the water, and mingle before awards. 7:30pm: Lil JJ and Parijita Bastola will each perform for our audience. Lil JJ is a young rapper, and Macy's Model, and will rap a few hits for us. Parijita Bastola, our Pride of Baltimore - Voice Contestant from Season 22 (Team John Legend) will sing a few beautfiul hits for us. Our awards will start at 8pm and go until about 9:20pm. We will also have a 360 camera booth and platform for everyone to pose on - during and after the awards ceremony. The party Bus will pick us up at 10:30pm and we'll be back to the hotel by 11pm.
Check out the Screenings and Panel for: Less Than Kosher Trailer by Shaina Silver-Baird The High Life by Stephanie Sanditz The Great Tit is a Bird Paralysis by Maceo Tendaji 3 Blind Mice by Imani and Nonie Robinson The cast & Crew will talk after their screenings.
And now for our Feature Presentation: Slightly New
Check these Excellent Selections of Comedy and Pure Wickedness out! You'll be sitting on the edge of your seat! Literally! That's how much room we'll have in the Francis Scott Key Room - It's going to be a Packed House!!
Fornicakes, Lower East Asides, Dezaya
Enjoy this Saturday Morning Scare! Here we have five projects that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Blood Work Ebb & Flo Assisted Suicide You're It Walk-In Herrings Afterwards - host Lauren Francesca will talk to the filmmakers!
Scratch This The Series, Zero Method..


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